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Will Urlacher be ready for the season? | NFL Fan Poll

Will Urlacher be ready for the season?

Updated: August 15, 2012

Source: Sports Illustrated

Just weeks before the regular season begins, Brian Urlacher, linebacker for the Chicago Bears, underwent arthroscopic surgery Tuesday morning to relieve swelling in his knee. In the final game of last season, he sprained ligaments in his knee and as a result, missed the offseason training program. After his minor procedure, he was back at training camp – so is this something that’s going to affect his season? He isn’t sure.

While he expects to be available for the opening game against Indianapolis in just a couple weeks – on September 9th, he told a television station in Chicago he wasn’t sure if he could undergo surgery and return to the team in only a couple of weeks. “I am just going to keep resting right now,” Urlacher said. “I have never had a scope. I don’t know how that stuff works. This is the first time I have ever done anything to my knee so I am kind of new to this. I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t know how that works.”

He also expressed that his knee injury could be something that lasts all season. “I don’t see it getting any better during the season. We have to manage it, my reps in practice, and then get through Sunday.”

According to Yahoo! Sports, this is an important season for Urlacher – since he’s a 13-year veteran and a vital part of the team’s defense. While everything is uncertain about Urlacher’s future with the season, his teammates are hoping he comes back. Linebacker Lance Briggs says, “He’s a competitor and in his heart, he wants to be out on the field playing football with the rest of us, and it really tears at him that he can’t do that right now.”

(via Yahoo! Sports)

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