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Tebow Deserve playing time? | NFL Fan Poll

Tebow Deserve playing time?

Updated: August 8, 2012

Source: Denver Post

The New York Jets have been in the news this week for fighting during practice, but another aspect of the team the media is focusing on is the Sanchez/Tebow quarterback position. On Wednesday, Tebow had his chance to play with the first-team offense and the starting defense so coach Rex Ryan could see how he handles the pressure. How did he do? On his second snap, he dodged a linebacker to throw a 60-yard pass to Patrick Turner for a touchdown.

After seeing Sanchez and Tebow practicing, Ryan felt pleased at their performance. The media has been quick to try to stir controversy between Sanchez and Tebow, but Ryan wanted to give Tebow some practice time after Sanchez was blazing on the field. According to ESPN, the Jets are trying to be careful not to make it look like Sanchez and Tebow are interchangeable – Sanchez is undisputed to be the number one quarterback on the team. Coach Ryan wants to improve how Tebow handles the ball during a play – he tends to hold onto the ball longer than he should. To remedy Tebow’s slow reaction time, offensive coordinator Tony Sparano is working with the team to speed up delivering the ball.

Sparano says Tebow is improving how quick he throws the ball – and he has already shown improvement since the beginning of training camp. On the team’s 10th day of practice, Tebow said, “As far as rhythm and tempo and getting through my progressions, this was one of my best days.”

While we know Sanchez is the starting quarterback, do you think Tebow deserves some time on the field? Let’s hear what you have to say!

(via ESPN)

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