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Will Claiborne start against Chargers? | NFL Fan Poll

Will Claiborne start against Chargers?

Updated: August 16, 2012
Source: NBC Sports

Source: NBC Sports


After missing the preseason opening game with a sprained MCL, first-round pick Morris Claiborne from the Dallas Cowboys is expected to make his debut in the NFL on Saturday against the Chargers. The cornerback practiced in full pads Wednesday. After practice, he said, “I’m supposing to be playing this week,” Claiborne said after Wednesday’s practice. “I’m very excited. It’s been a while. Every time I get comfortable, I get a setback.”

While he is expected to play on Saturday, he’s not 100 percent sure if he’ll start. Claiborne has been sidelined with a few injuries – he missed the offseason due to recovery from a wrist surgey, and as soon as he was cleared to participate in the Cowboys’ training camp, he sprained his MCL. Even the executive vice president of the team wants Claiborne to play. In an interview with a Dallas radio station, Stephen Jones said “Mo Claiborne’s got to get out there. The times he’s been out there, it’s been impressive.”

Claiborne is eager to get out there, too, and he understands how Jones feels. “I understand where he’s coming from,” Claiborne said Saturday. “Anytime you put that much money in somebody to go out and play, you want them out on the field playing. I understand exactly where he’s coming from.”

While Claiborne sat out of the preseason opener, Brandon Carr and Orlando Scandrick both started. He’s eager to get out on the field and play, though. About his injury, he said, “[It’s] a little bit disappointing, but it’s not too much because I know it’s not something serious. I know it’s something I can come back from. You can’t just get mad over something you can’t control.”

(via ESPN)

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