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Will Browns sale upset fans? | NFL Fan Poll

Will Browns sale upset fans?

Updated: August 2, 2012



Sometimes, when you are loyal to a team, new players, coaches or owners from rival teams becoming a part of the organization does not sit well with fans – and it seems that could be the case with the potential sale of the Cleveland Browns to a minority stockholder of the Pittsburg Steelers. According to the Associated Press, Randy Lerner, owner of the Cleveland Browns, has settled a deal to sell the team to Jimmy Haslam III, part owner of the Steelers.

As of August 2nd, the paperwork has been signed and filed, and the two owners are waiting for NFL approval before the sale. Haslam’s ownership is to be officially announced on August 3rd in a news conference. The deal includes selling 70 percent of the Cleveland Browns to Haslam now, and the final 30 percent within four years of the contract’s closing date. In order for the deal to officially be approved, 24 teams out of 32 will need to approve the sale of the team, and according to Yahoo! Sports, official approval might take until the end of September.

Fans could be a little bothered by the news, but Browns President Mike Holmgren has nothing but good things to say about Haslam. According to Yahoo! Sports, in an interview last week, Holmgren stated, “He is a very impressive man when you read about him, and people that I have talked to who know him say he is a tremendous guy.”

The Lerner family has owned the Cleveland Browns since 1999 and despite a tumultuous record in recent years, the value of the team has continued to increase thanks to broadcasting contracts. If you’re a Browns fan, how does this new ownership make you feel?

(via Yahoo! Sports)

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