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Will Brees Be Affected by Offseason Activities? | NFL Fan Poll

Will Brees Be Affected by Offseason Activities?

Updated: August 29, 2012

Source: siliconbayounews

What a story Drew Brees has been over the years for the New Orleans Saints. He came in along with Sean Peyton and basically turned the organization from middle to bottom of the pack teams into winning teams each and every year. Suddenly the Saints fans were able to count on something each and every year that they turned on the television to watch their team. Their QB was out there to win every game and would play better than anyone else in the league to try to get it done. That easily results in him being a prize fantasy QB for anyone. This year has been different however. How will this strange offseason affect Brees and how should that affect your fantasy draft?

One of the reasons Brees is where he is now is preparation and working on his game. He has made himself into what can almost be called a player coach. However historically when a player misses most of training camp, it shows in his play during that year. Some say that it even makes them more injury prone. That would be a terrible thing for the Saints, Brees and Fantasy owners everywhere. Would something like that happen to a player as classically ready and well trained as Drew Brees? Should you not draft him because of that possibility?

In short; no. I honestly believe that Brees came into the Saints came late in just as good of playing shape and just as well versed in the game plan as he would have if he had never missed one rep with the team. The only thing it might do is allow a tiny little cloud of doubt to hover over this great QB. In no way should it affect the way you think of him in the draft. Anything that happens or could happen negatively to him this year would be something that had nothing to do with the contract situation. Look for Brees to be at the very top of the league in big numbers again this season. Grab him for your team if you can.

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