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Who are the most underrated players? | NFL Fan Poll

Who are the most underrated players?

Updated: August 9, 2012
Source: NY Daily News

Source: NY Daily News

While many fans will have their eye on big name players like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning this season, there are plenty of lesser-known players that work just as hard, but don’t receive the attention they deserve. The Bleacher Report has created a list of the most underrated players – check them out to see if you agree, and if you’ll be watching them more as the season goes on!

Tony Romo – According to the Bleacher Report, Romo makes great plays on a regular basis – as well as a few mistakes at the end of games, but he has a substantial impact on the Cowboys and their success. Last season, Romo had only 10 interceptions and 31 touchdown passes – and teammate Jason Witten says, “I think Tony Romo is an elite quarterback who gives you a chance to compete for a championship.”

Chris Meyers – A center lineman on the Texans’ offensive line, Meyers was a substantial part of team last season. While you won’t find Meyers in the headlines, his quick action makes him an asset to any play. The Bleacher Report says the Texans had the most dominant offensive line last season, and Meyers is the prime reason. Another player of note for the Texans: Left tackle Duane Brown, also on the offensive line.

Greg Little – As a wide receiver on the Cleveland Browns, Little hasn’t had much chance to show off his skill, but he leads the team in yards and catches. With Brandon Weeden as quarterback, hopefully fans will see Little, and the team, improve on the field.

Other players of note to watch out for:

  • Ryan Mathews, San Diego Chargers
  • Brandon Pettigrew, Detroit Lions
  • Brandon Fields, Miami Dolphins

Do you think the Bleacher Report is accurate in saying these players are underrated? Let’s hear who you think is the MOST underrated out of these players!

(via Bleacher Report)

Who is most underrated?

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