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Which Top 2011 Players Will Drop Off? | NFL Fan Poll

Which Top 2011 Players Will Drop Off?

Updated: August 31, 2012

Source: Bleacher Report

Clearly we would all love for the players that have great years to continue to do so for a few more years in a row. That way we would all know exactly who was going to be the top tier player and who was up and coming. Unfortunately that isn’t the case with humans playing the game. Inevitably there will be a top performer one year who falls off the next. Who are those players for 2012? Let’s look at what the experts say.

NFL.com gave a list of the top performers from 2011 season then picked which would fall off this season. In QB’s the one they focused on was Cam Newton. The fear is that he cannot repeat the number of rushing TD’s that he achieved last year so that clearly takes his value downward. Running backs produced two from most of the points of view given. Maurice Jones-Drew thanks to his long holdout and uncertain future was one and Marshawn Lynch was the other. Most agree that MJD should be able to produce again if he was actually playing but there were reservations for lynch being able to repeat the performance.  Wideout fallouts focused on the Giants’ Victor Cruz and Larry Fitzgerald of the Cardinals.

What do we think? We’re so glad you asked. The receiver core does seem to have a lot of turnover from the top five players so it’s difficult to argue on this point. Although we do see the Lions Calvin Johnson is an exception to the turnover rule. Maybe if he is then Fitzgerald is as well. It seems like it will be difficult for MJD to repeat his top five spot without starting all of the games. That is fairly easy to agree with although Marshawn Lynch is a different story. One panel member pointed out that with the Seahawks going with the rookie QB Lynch’s role becomes much more important. Lynch should respond well to that call and keep near the top. As far as Cam Newton goes, he very well may not match his rushing TD’s which would take away some of his good fantasy numbers. Even in that case however we believe he will prove himself to be worthy of a top five spot. That’s the take on fallouts here. Hopefully all of your top five picks will have a strong year.

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