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Which QB Should Sit in Week 1? | NFL Fan Poll

Which QB Should Sit in Week 1?

Updated: September 5, 2012
Source: Bleacher Report

There are several small name and rookie quarterbacks starting in week one of the 2012 NFL season. Many of those are expected to have a rough time of it at the start of the season and some at the start of their careers. However the bigger name guys are not exempt from bad matchups where they should sit on your bench while the B-teamer takes the helm.  Let’s take a look at which bigger names could have a rough go of it.

Basically veteran quarterbacks that have a tough time usually do so for one of two reasons. First off they could just not be that good. With the youth movement at the top position however that is unlikely. More likely is the fact that some vets are standing in front of ailing or just not that good of an offensive line. Also it is possible for a vet to have it tough if he is having to work in a new offense. Each of these are good reasons to possibly sit a good veteran quarterback.

If one such veteran QB has not one but all of the above going for him, along with a noisy rowdy crowd such as the one in Denver, he becomes a great candidate for sitting in week one. Ben Roethlisberger is the lucky man this week as his Steelers look to have a rough game against the Broncos. It is possible that Big Ben could overcome all of these obstacles but unlikely for a week one matchup. I’d sit him for a game, especially if you have a trusty number two.

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