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Where to Go With Tebow | NFL Fan Poll

Where to Go With Tebow

Updated: August 29, 2012

Source: NFL

Few dispute that Tim Tebow is a sound and good human being. The question comes when people decide how good of a quarterback he is and if he is as good as his loyal fans believe he is. This inherently makes him a huge risk in any early round. What about him makes him such a feast or famine type of player? Love him or hate him, we need to look at what really matters. Is he worth a slot on your fantasy team?

Well, yes and no. Honestly it really could go either way. On one hand he is not the starter for the Jets and that is a huge strike against him. He will only see gimmick running back plays and such as that as long as he is sitting in the backup slot. In that case he probably should not find his way onto your team. However, Tebow seems to have a knack for finding his way into a starting job and into big number dramatic wins for his team. For this reason if the Jets find themselves in the middle of a losing season, which is not completely unlikely, Tebow might wind up getting the starting nod. If he does then he could put up solid numbers in your backup slot.

If it were my team I would only give him the second string slot in a late season trade in case of injury or something. Possibly keep an eye on him and see if you think the Jets will give him the starting nod. If they eventually do, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be the first one in your league to snatch him up. Tim Tebow won’t blow the doors down with his stats especially as a backup. He is a special person and a special athlete. He might not be the savior of the Jets season and probably won’t be the one who drags your fantasy team out of a hole. But wouldn’t it be awesome if he did.

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