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What Will Joe Flacco Show? | NFL Fan Poll

What Will Joe Flacco Show?

Updated: September 4, 2012
Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco is sitting in a fairly good position going into this season. He has a good knowledge of his offense, a good new scheme that he feels confident in, and an overall confidence that feels good even if it doesn’t convince all of the experts out there. Most rankings have Flacco somewhere around the twenty spot on average. As far as fantasy goes Joe Flacco is no Aaron Rodgers to be sure. I think he has a chance to be way better than advertised.

Flacco has a few things going for him. He is going into his fifth year and coming off of a three thousand yard plus performance that ended well. The AFC Championship duel with perennial top fiver Tom Brady and the Patriots gave him a chance to show what he could do and Flacco did not disappoint. Some say that he was better in the game than Mr. Brady and watching highlights you can see how they came to that opinion. There are a few things that need to improve for him to be the steal he could be for a fantasy player. Red Zone percentages need to be much better and conversions in the big money downs needs to improve as well. Crippling interceptions have to become a minor blip on the radar screen.

If he can put these things together with the new almost one hundred percent no huddle offense he is so comfortable with, Flacco could surprise many this year. If you find yourself focusing more on running back and wide receiver positions, you could give Flacco a look in the crooked number rounds. I don’t know if he can put up top five type numbers but he sure can hang with a top five QB in a big game. That says something about the competitor in him. He should come out this year itching to prove that he can take that next step and stand on the big stage with the best QB’s in the league. If all things improve he could prove to be the biggest steal of the fantasy year and find himself in the top five or ten fantasy rankings next year.

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