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Week Two Tune-up Info | NFL Fan Poll

Week Two Tune-up Info

Updated: September 15, 2012
Source: Ballhard

Projections do not always turn out to be reliable in the world of fantasy football. Still it gives us somewhere to start our final roster decisions from. We already have taken a look at the overpopulated Tight End spot. Now we will look at everyone else and see who is expected to rise to the occasion this week.

The quarterbacks list isn’t too confusing. Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Matthew Stafford are listed as three of the top four. That seems to be easy enough to agree with until you look a little closer. Stafford only had twelve points last week as the Lions struggled to win late and Brady didn’t quite reach twenty. Also the fourth member of the top four was listed as Aaron Rodgers and by now you know that he had an off night on Thursday. That said, the other three should likely come through with a good night. Cam Newton is thrown up there as well but I have to disagree with that. Not that he won’t have a decent day as I expect Steve Smith will have a great showing, but just not top tier type QB play.

Calvin Johnson is being expected to hop to the top of the receiver corps. I can’t disagree with that since he had a good day last week even through Stafford’s off day. Andre Johnson should put up good numbers for the Texans and I already mentioned Steve Smith, if the knee stays healthy enough, should put up good numbers. If Arizona grabs someone steady to throw the ball towards Larry Fitzgerald, he should once again jump the numbers. The biggest turnaround in the WR slot I think will be Marques Colston of the Saints. Also Jones and White for the Falcons could have a good showing Sunday as well

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