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Week 2 Top Performers | NFL Fan Poll

Week 2 Top Performers

Updated: September 18, 2012
Source: Bleacher Report

Week 2 of the NFL season is in the books and we are looking at the top performers. The news is good for Redskins fans, well mostly. They do have a few key injuries but as far as their rookie QB goes, RG3 has it going his way so far. I have to admit that I have been a bit cautious about him but he is two for two. Best of all is the way he had different games each week. Against the Saints he was more the calm pocket passer and this week he had fewer yards in the air but more on the ground resulting in over thirty fantasy points. Next week he should get another chance to shine against the Bengals. If he keeps this up he will surpass Cam Newton’s rookie season in fantasy glory. Though he still could hit that wall that pops up when D coordinators figure out a scheme to throw him off. We’ll see how he reacts when that time comes.

Reggie Bush was well respected during the offseason but not quite respected enough it seems. He ran for 172 and 2 TDs and caught passes for 25 more yards, totaling over thirty-one fantasy points. It was okay to have a WR draw a blank for you if you had Bush playing on Sunday. By the way, just go ahead and keep him in the lineup because as one analyst said, he is the main offensive weapon for the Dolphins. This could lead to defenses keying on him of course so we’ll keep an eye out for a game when he only pulls in 15 to 20 points. He looks good and is playing great right now though. Play him baby.

In Buffalo C.J. Spiller has dusted off the RB1 slot and placed his name firmly there. He ran and caught a combined 170 yards and scored twice for just a hair under thirty points. Spiller has it all and should continue to get most of the work even after everyone is healthy. Next week he will face a Cleveland team with a decent opportunistic defense. They aren’t the worst in the league by a long shot with eight sacks already. However they do give up some points so Spiller should still have a stellar day.

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