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Week 1 Wrap-up 2 – Injury News | NFL Fan Poll

Week 1 Wrap-up 2 – Injury News

Updated: September 11, 2012
Source: Yahoo Sports

It is time for the second part of the weekly fantasy wrap-up, where we will look at the injury news from the week. There is always plenty of this to go around and each and every player can be very important depending on how your fantasy team shakes down. There appear to be no huge names with terrible injuries so we’ll focus on the injuries we do know about. Who is hurt and who is going to try to make a go of it? Find out right now.

On top of everyone’s injury list from the week is Buffalo running back Fred Jackson. Jackson suffered a right knee injury early in the loss to the Jets on Sunday. It appears to be fairly minor because he is eying a week 4 return versus New England. Still until then it looks like he will definitely be out. Greg Jennings, a big WR name in Green Bay injured his groin this week. He did not practice on Tuesday but reports are that his rehab is going well. Expect him to be questionable all week until a late final decision is made. Bernard Scott, RB for the Bengals, looks to be ready to play in week two after injuring his hand. Don’t expect Green-Ellis to give up too many carries however.

If the Raiders’ kicker Janikowski is your kicker, you have to worry about a groin injury. Still he played with it Monday and made two field goals. It appears he will be able to tough it out. The elder statesman of the talented Tight End ranks, Antonio Gates, left the game Monday night with a rib injury. The good news is that he had four grabs for forty-three yards. The better news is that he returned to the game. Rib injuries can be nagging but Gates is a veteran and should be able to perform through whatever pain it brings.

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