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Weeden ready to be quarterback? | NFL Fan Poll

Weeden ready to be quarterback?

Updated: August 6, 2012
Via BleacherReport

Via BleacherReport

Brandon Weeden, rookie first-round pick, has been named by head coach Pat Shurmur as the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns in the 2012 season. This move by Shurmur might raise some eyebrows, as Weeden was chosen over the third-year veteran Colt McCoy – and Weeden isn’t the only rookie expected to take the field, either. WR Josh Gordon, RB Trent Richardson and RT Mitchell Schwartz are all likely to start in Browns games this season.

So, why wasn’t McCoy chosen to lead the team? His stats don’t look that great considering as a starter he has a 6-15 record in his first two seasons with the NFL. Weeden has a stronger arm than McCoy, which will serve to improve the Browns’ presence on the field. One disadvantage Weeden has going for him is his age – he will turn 29 in October, and many at his age, or younger, have much more experience playing with the NFL. Another thing Weeden has to worry about – the team’s dismal past seasons and trying to boost the overall record.

The Browns have a history of designating new quarterbacks. According to ESPN, Weeden will be the 11th opening day starting quarterback in 14 years. Choosing a rookie quarterback has proven successful for other teams – such as Andy Dalton for the Cincinnati Bengals. Dalton was the first rookie quarterback to throw 20 touchdown passes and win at least eight games. Another rookie quarterback, Joe Flacco, for the Baltimore Ravens took his team to the postseason.

(via Yahoo! Sports, ESPN)

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