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Wallace expected to return? | NFL Fan Poll

Wallace expected to return?

Updated: August 14, 2012
Source: Bleacher Report

Source: Bleacher Report

After training camp and the first preseason game, there’s still no sign of Mike Wallace on the Pittsburgh Steelers – but that will change, according to ESPN. The website is reporting Wallace is expected return before the regular season starts. Wallace has been notably absent from training because of a negotiation dispute – the Steelers aren’t willing to discuss a new deal with Wallace until he signs the $2.7 million, one-year contract. Since he hasn’t been at training camp, he has not been involved with the Steelers’ offseason minicamp or workouts.

In an interview last week, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger told a Pittsburg radio station, “I gave him a call to wish him happy birthday and see how he was doing,” he said. “And Mike’s training hard. He’s training with his helmet on just like he’d be here. So he’s doing a lot of things. And I have confidence he’ll be here and ready to go for the season.”

Mike Wallace has had some high points, and some struggles. According to ESPN, last season he was ranked 11th in receiving yards after reaching 1,193 yards. At the beginning of the 2011 season, Wallace had 43 catches for 800 yards – and five touchdowns, but after the October 23rd game, he began to struggle. He did not have a 100-yard game after the 23rd, and in the final seven of eight games, he did not score a touchdown.

Do you think Wallace will be ready for the season if he shows up to the organization in a few weeks? He started off strong last season and didn’t finish very well – do you think he will improve this season? Vote in the poll and share your thoughts!

(via ESPN)

Is Wallace going to be ready for the season?

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