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Vick prone to injury? | NFL Fan Poll

Vick prone to injury?

Updated: August 21, 2012
Source: Sports Illustrated

Source: Sports Illustrated

During Monday night’s game against the New England Patriots, Michael Vick had to leave the game after injuring his ribs during a hard hit on his sixth play. Just a week ago, Vick had to leave the first preseason game to have x-rays on his thumb – also on his sixth play. Is this a sign that Vick isn’t going to last long in the Eagles’ regular season? According to Yahoo! Sports, Vick has needed four medical tests with only four completed passes in these first two games with the team. Something else to think about? Yahoo! Sports reports Vick missed three games each in the previous two seasons due to rib injuries.

X-rays, MRI and CT scan were taken of Vick’s ribs on Tuesday, and the team announced the tests “revealed no broken bones and no fractured cartilage. It was determined that he has a contusion of his ribs and of the soft tissue surrounding it.” It’s likely that Vick won’t play the last two games of the preseason, but the test results show he will be cleared in time to start the regular season in a little more than two weeks against Cleveland.

This might be the reality Eagles fans and the team needs to deal with during each game of the season. Every time Vick is hit during a play, it could be a risk – but it’s one the team has to take. If Vick is hurt again, will it decrease the teams chance to make it to the playoffs? Vote in the poll!

(via Yahoo! Sports)

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