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Urlacher starting Sunday? | NFL Fan Poll

Urlacher starting Sunday?

Updated: September 3, 2012
Source: CBS Sports

Source: CBS Sports

After missing the entire offseason and much of training camp due to injuries and medical procedures on his left knee, middle linebacker of the Chicago Bears Brian Urlacher is expecting to start in Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts. He arrived at practice Monday, his first time on the field since his injury to his knee only days into training camp.

In an interview with ESPN, head coach Lovie Smith said, “”He had a good first day back. He’s got to get in shape, I’m sure he’ll tell you that. But we didn’t have any trouble with him today so he’s right back on schedule.”

“He did everything we asked him to do. He was one of the guys. You forgot that he’s been out. When we’re playing No. 54 has been out there for so long, today it was just back to the normal routine as much as anything.”

Urlacher is planning to return, and he told WFLD-Channel 32 in Chicago that even though his knee isn’t the same – and it won’t be the same, he anticipates a return to the field on Sunday. “I’m playing Sunday,” Urlacher said in the interview. “That’s a done deal.”

Not everyone thinks he should play – sources say it would be more beneficial to have him play week two and have an extra week of rest for his knee. What do you think? Is he ready to play? Vote in the poll below!

(via ESPN)

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