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Top 5 QBs

Updated: August 23, 2012

Source: Yahoo, Bloguin, ABCnews

Fantasy Football time is here! That statement brings forth all manner of opinions, questions and decisions. One of the top questions pertains to the top position naturally. Who are the top Quarterbacks in the NFL? We are going to look at the top five picks for your draft. There are a few sets of opinions out there but we will focus on two; espn.com and nfl.com. Let’s see what they have to say.

One thing they both agree on is the top two. Aaron Rodgers seems to be the unanimous pick for the top draftee after posting a league best 122.5 QB rating last year. Tom Brady brings up a unanimous second pick that is very reliable and easy to agree with. The third spot is where things change a bit. One spot in the draft order might not make a big difference but the reason or possible reason behind it is another story. The NFL’s ratings page places Drew Brees at number four and Matt Stafford in the five spot. They place Cam Newton on the big board between Brees and Brady. ESPN’s Matt Williamson has Brees as the third man and then go to big Ben Roethlisberger for the four spot. According to him, Eli Manning gets the five spot. Why the difference and does Cam Newton belong there?

Brees had a higher overall rating than Brady last year along with a ton of yards in another stunning season. It’s possible that he has dropped a spot or two on the board because of the long contract situation he went through. In all likelihood Brees was working as hard as anyone getting ready for the year so the holdout process probably won’t affect him too much. Big Ben deserves to be around that tier as does Eli. The younger Matt Stafford has shown his worth over the past couple of years, plus he has the added benefit of one of the league’s great receivers in Calvin Johnson to play catch with. The question for me is does Cam Newton belong between Brees and Brady? He has shown promise and the ability to revolutionize the QB position in some eyes, but between Drew Brees and Tom Brady is pretty tough company. I think maybe he isn’t there yet. Give a year or two of solid top tier play and he’ll stick there for good, just not quite yet. That gives you some food for thought on the top QB picks.

Here are the picks as we see them:

  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Drew Brees
  3. Tom Brady
  4. Matt Stafford
  5. Eli Manning

Happy Drafting!!

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