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Time for Women Officials? | NFL Fan Poll

Time for Women Officials?

Updated: August 6, 2012
Via BleacherReport

Via BleacherReport

Due to labor disputes regarding officials, which have still not been resolved, NFL preseason games need to be officiated by replacement referees – and Thursday night’s game between the San Diego Chargers and Green Bay Packers will be officiated by the first female on the field during a game. While football in the United States is a male-dominated sport and has a huge male fan base, there has never been a female official in the sport.

Shannon Eastin is the first woman to officiate a game, but that doesn’t mean she has a lack of experience. According to USA Today, Eastin has been a referee for 16 years and is a veteran of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. During the game on Thursday, she’ll serve as the line judge on the field. The move to having women as referees isn’t permanent, however. Labor talks for the officials are taking longer than expected, but temporary referees are just that – temporary.

It seems that Eastin has had her sights on the NFL for a long time. Back in 1999, she gave an interview with the Arizona Republic about how it would be perceived as a woman to act as an official. She said, “I think that if a coach sees you working hard, making sharp calls, that they will respect you no matter who you are. You can’t hesitate. You have to have a court presence and a field presence.”

So, do you agree with her statements? Do you think women are just as capable of officiating games as a male referee? Let’s hear your opinions!

(via USA Today)

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