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The Key to a Good Kicker | NFL Fan Poll

The Key to a Good Kicker

Updated: August 23, 2012

What is the key to a good kicker? No, this isn’t quite a trick question. Obviously the normal answer is that the key to a good kicker is to be able to make kicks. But that is not the answer to this question because the real question is: what is the key to a good fantasy kicker? The final answer is that the key is for the kicker you chose to be on a winning team. Let’s break it down a bit.

Most of the kickers in the NFL are able to make the majority of their kicks. They wouldn’t be in the NFL if they couldn’t. A good kicker however is made a great kicker because he plays on a winning team. He therefore has more chances to score, thereby making said kicker more attractive to you, the fantasy owner. Kickers have a unique position in the league because a great kicker does not make a winning team. But, you cannot have a winning team without a great or at least really good kicker either. That said; the top few kickers for our fantasy picks jumble up depending on who you ask.


  1. Matt Prater
  2. Dan Bailey
  3. David Akers
  4. Sebastian Janikowski
  5. Stephen Gostkowski

Realtime fantasy sports:

  1. David Akers
  2. Mason Crosby
  3. Stephen Gostkowski
  4. Sebastian Janikowski
  5. Dan Bailey

As you can see the opinions differ but I think that is because a good kicker on a good team is a good points man, period. Sebastian Janikowski seems to be a bit of an exception since the Raiders haven’t had a great season lately. So I would probably move him down from the top five. Akers, Prater and Gostkowski are solid picks because of their teams and themselves. Mason Crosby benefits from both as well. The key is to pick a decent to great kicker that is on a good to great team. He’ll have more kicks and more chances, thus giving you more points.

What we think:

  1. David Akers
  2. Matt Prater
  3. Stephen Gostkowski
  4. Mason Crosby
  5. Dan Bailey


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