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Team struggles after week 1? | NFL Fan Poll

Team struggles after week 1?

Updated: August 14, 2012
Source: The Bleacher Report

Source: The Bleacher Report

Now that the first preseason games are out of the way, each team can see where they need to focus more attention before the regular season starts. There were plenty of anticipated moments, from seeing how quarterbacks such as Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck were going to perform, to how rookie players were going to be an advantage – or disadvantage to each team. Here are a few struggles for select teams as noted by the Bleacher Report:

Arizona Cardinals – The offensive line has some struggles and they just don’t have a standout player. The Bleacher Report suggests they start protecting better or the quarterback is going to suffer.

Buffalo Bills – Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 14 passes and took 14 snaps – but the passes weren’t as good as they could be. His awkward movement results in a lack of speed or accuracy when he tries to make passes.

Carolina Panthers – According to the Bleacher Report, this team was one of the worst in pass and run defenses last season, and after the first preseason game, it doesn’t appear that anything’s changed. A lack of defense – especially on the interior, could lead to a rough season for the team.

Chicago Bears – In one of the more anticipated preseason games, the Bears didn’t perform very well against the Denver Broncos and gave up six sacks. The offensive struggle could be hard for Jay Cutler and his team.

If you watched these games, do you agree with the observations from the Bleacher Report? Let’s see what you have to say – who had the worst preseason game?

(via Bleacher Report)

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