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  • Source: Bleacher Report

    Peyton is Back to Earth?

    One week after disproving most doubters, including me, Peyton Manning went out and had one of the worst outings of his career. At least the first half was that bad and...

  • Source: nfltvschedule.info

    Peyton Manning: Bargain or Bust?

    Many in the NFL and especially NFL Fantasy leagues are looking towards one man with a simple question. Will Peyton Manning return to form? It is a question much easier to...

  • Source: NFL.com

    Beginner’s Luck for Class of 2012?

      First week of preseason is over, and it’s time to dissect the standouts. Debate whether is this a teaser or a bust, or, just luck? (no pun intended). We know...

  • Source: Associated Press

    Broncos overtake Bears

    In a much talked-about game, Broncos fans had a chance to see Peyton Manning in action in last night’s opening pre-season game against the Chicago Bears.  Though Manning played for only...

  • Denver Broncos Hold Organized Team Activities

    Can Manning take Broncos to the Super Bowl?

    For Broncos fans, the 2012 season is one to be excited for – and with training camp already underway, many teammates of Peyton Manning are thrilled to have an iconic quarterback...

  • dumes'day?

    Dumervil Billboard

    (getty images) A billboard in support of Dumervil shows up in Denver. The same guys behind the Tim Tebow billboard last season, put up another message saying “Stick with the guns...

  • manning

    Manning picks Denver

    Peyton Manning was arguably the biggest free agent in NFL history.  He has a record of four league most valuable player awards and was recently signed to the Denver Broncos. Broncos...