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Super Bowl Champs, Not so Great? | NFL Fan Poll

Super Bowl Champs, Not so Great?

Updated: August 3, 2012

Source: Getty Images

Sure, the New York Giants narrowly beat the New England Patriots in last year’s Super Bowl, but that doesn’t mean they are really as good as they think the are! While that seems harsh, it’s actually coming from the Giants head coach, Tom Coughlin. There’s nothing worse than a championship team starting a new season with less than stellar results, and Coughlin wants to make sure his players aren’t complacent after their win last season.

Coughlin isn’t holding back when it comes to showing the team there’s room for improvement. According to ESPN, Coughlin didn’t hesitate to show player and team stats on the first day of training camp – and the results weren’t pretty. They held the lowest league ranking in rushing offense in the regular 2011 season and only 27th in terms of overall defense. The team allowed 400 points for opposing teams during the regular season, as well.

After practice, Coughlin is quoted as saying, “There’s a lot of improvement to be made, and the challenge has been, ‘Which team are we?’ Are we the 7-7 team, or are we the Super Bowl Champions?”

The 2011 season had the Giants all over the map. Inconsistent plays, unpredictable defense and the pressure set on quarterback Eli Manning to win it from behind in most games took a toll on the team. In other games, the team brought it to the field and went so far as to win six games in a row – including the most coveted game in football. How do you think the Giants are going to do this year? Let’s hear your opinion!

(via ESPN)

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