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Sleeper QBs

Updated: August 24, 2012

Source: Athlon Sports

You have the list of the top players that you want to grab if you can. How does your plan B look? We’re taking a look at some of the top sleeper QBs going into this fantasy draft season. There are countless sources and opinions out there for the cheaper riskier QBs. We are going to dissect some information and tell you how we think it shakes out.

First off is a name that gets increasingly attractive to fantasy owners each year, Matt Ryan of the Falcons. The more tools he has at his disposal the more points he could bring you. He’s solid and takes care of the ball pretty well too. Throw him at the top of the list. The Bucs’ Josh Freeman has a new WR target from free agency and a new look in front of him with a healthy draft pick on the O-Line. Last year was disappointing for this talented third year QB. The probability of his rebounding from that is higher than the chances of repeating or getting worse. Its more risky than Ryan but he could bring in great numbers for a great price if he shows up. The Skins have a very promising future with Robert Griffin III beginning his career at the helm of their offence. The upside for this guy is ridiculous. He does however have supporting cast issues and the obvious struggles of being a rookie. That takes the risk even higher but what a great choice he could be for a great price for a backup QB possibly.

There are other names out there including Jake Locker for the Titans and Matt Shaub tossing for the Texans. Locker’s sophomore campaign could shine brightly if they give him the starting job. Therein lies the risk. If however they start him the upside is very nice. Shaub comes through extremely well for fantasy owners when he is healthy. Unfortunate though repeated injury trouble is why Matty falls to the bottom of our list. Consider these guys as definite sleeper choices but weigh the risks against your options carefully. Here is the official list:

  1. Matt Ryan
  2. Josh Freeman
  3. Robert Griffin III
  4. Jake Locker
  5. Matt Shaub


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