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Sanchez in top 10? | NFL Fan Poll

Sanchez in top 10?

Updated: August 16, 2012
Source: NJ.com

Source: NJ.com

While most of the media is focusing on the Tebow/Sanchez quarterback situation, most of the NY Jets expect Sanchez to be considered one of the 10 best QBs in the league. Though ‘Tebowmania’ is still a large focus, Sanchez has been doing great at training camp and is increasing the expectation level from his teammates. Defensive players Darrelle Revis and Bart Scott both had nothing but good things to say about Sanchez’s performance and they anticipate him doing really well this season. In an interview with ESPN, Scott said he expects Sanchez “to take that next step, to be one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the league. It’s Year 4, and Year 4 is when the game slows down for you … Last year, you saw Joe Flacco take the next step in his fourth year and you could see Mark do the same.”

Revis had the same thing to say. “The quarterback needs to take us there, and we’re counting on Mark to do that,” he said. “Everybody has to do their job, but if we lose, it falls on Mark. If we win, it falls on Mark. The biggest thing is, we’re very confident in Mark and we know he can lead us. He’s done it in the past, and we’re counting on him. We’re counting on him.”

Sanchez didn’t have a good season last year, and with the hype of Tim Tebow coming to the team, fans and media alike thought it would get to Mark Sanchez. Maybe it has, but it’s showing in a good way. Teammates say he is more confident and mature than in the past.

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(Via ESPN)

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