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QBs to Start

Updated: September 13, 2012
Source: Bleacher Report

NFL.com’s list of QB’s to start or sit for week two is up on their fantasy site. Michael Fabiano goes through the quarterbacks he thinks should start and those that should sit on your fantasy bench this week. We are going to take quick look and throw our two cents in on his official picks. First up are the starting quarterbacks.

Number one on his start list is the same as many and it reads RG3. Robert Griffin III is all the buzz right now in fantasy leagues. He has lots of tools, a level head and is cool under pressure. All that doesn’t mention his great arm. That said, I would still be cautious of putting him in place of an established second tier guy. I might regret it but I want him to show me one more week that he can put up those numbers. Fabiano says Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning should both start as their teams face off this Sunday. Ryan looked great this past week and has some healthy weapons. Manning showed all of the tools he has always had. I see no issue starting either one of these guys.

He gives Phillip Rivers the starting nod in San Diego. I just am not quite sold on Rivers this year. He isn’t looking quite as strong armed and he’ll need to prove those int’s are a thing of the past. If you have another option with a decent matchup, I would keep Rivers benched. The sleeper pick of the week for Fabiano is Andrew Luck vs the Vikings. Luck has the skills and will be a big fantasy man one day soon but I really doubt he puts up good numbers until the team begins to perform better as a whole. I might put the Vikings’ Christian Ponder in the sleeper slot. He isn’t breaking records, but between the two in that game I think he has the edge in supporting players alone.

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