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QBs to Sit

Updated: September 13, 2012
Source: Yahoo

Now we will look at NFL.com, Michael Fabiano’s players to sit at the quarterback position this week.  Just like his Starting list I have a few issues with his picks. We are going to dive into the players chosen by nfl.com’s man. Take a look and figure out what it means for your fantasy team.

Starting things off he sits Matt Schaub of the Texans on their game against the Jags. I disagree with this flat out. I think Schaub will be focused and ready to add to his good start to the season. The Texans are more run oriented for certain. The thing is though, a good running attack opens up good passing options. Schaub can and will hit those targets against the Jags in week 2. The next one I take issue with on the sit list is Joe Flacco. I might have been all alone, but I was high on Flacco in the preseason. I think he  is underrated and has something to prove. I believe he will have a good showing this week as well, even against a tough D in Philly.

Mark Sanchez of the Jets and Russell Wilson of the Seahawks are next on the sit list. I really have no problem with these. I might have been a little over optimistic on Wilson so early but I do think he will show something nice by the end of the rookie season. Sanchez looked great and scored twenty-two plus fantasy points as he and the Jets proved to everyone they could score. Still the way the game unfolded leads me to agree that the team and the QB need to prove their offensive worth farther before they take a solid starting role. The beware pick of Michael Vick is a good one as well. He just didn’t look comfortable out there in the opener. The positive side of it is that Vick always has the potential to score big. Unfortunately the ability to separate those performances with the not so great scoring ones is a little too much risk for me.

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