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Peyton Manning: Bargain or Bust? | NFL Fan Poll

Peyton Manning: Bargain or Bust?

Updated: August 27, 2012
Source: nfltvschedule.info

Many in the NFL and especially NFL Fantasy leagues are looking towards one man with a simple question. Will Peyton Manning return to form? It is a question much easier to type than it is to answer. Without the benefit of a crystal ball we are forced to look at his past for the answers. Does Peyton deserve a look for your team’s number one QB slot? Should you gamble funds on him this year or play it safe?

Two or three years ago this article would look crazy by anyone’s viewpoint. Peyton Manning was at the top of everyone’s QB list no matter when it was written or who came up with it. If he wasn’t number one he was probably number two with an asterisk that said “probably should be number one”. But after six neck surgeries and getting kicked out of Indi, coming back this year seems extremely difficult even for him. Thank goodness for the preseason. So far he has looked really good. His arm strength might not be what it once was but it’s still good enough for success if he has the touch. From what we have seen he appears not to have lost much of the special touch that helped make him the best QB, some say, of all time. Joe Montana might be the best QB of all time too, and this year he isn’t on anyone’s fantasy team. So what does the big risk in Denver mean for you?

If you can get Brees, Brady, or Rodgers, don’t even look at Peyton Manning. I hate to say it that way but no matter what you think of him, he is not going to be as good as those guys are in the numbers. Assuming your QB choice drops to the five through ten rankings, Peyton finds himself in that range on most charts. I want him to succeed as I think we all do but that might be a little generous. The fact that he can withstand a hit and have a couple of successful drives in the first quarter does not mean that he can take blitzes, hits and hurries for four quarters. Overall I think he will show that he is about eighty percent what he was before; best case scenario. I hope I am wrong but with defenses keying in on him he will have to be able to scramble and throw on the run as well as take hits as he throws all game long. Can he do it and stay healthy? Probably and we all hope so. Can he do it and put up top ten fantasy QB numbers? I’m afraid I don’t think he could. For my money Peyton as a top QB is a risk. If you find yourself in the eight to fifteen rankings in QBs in the draft and you might want to go ahead and take the risk. Make sure you get a decent backup just in case though. You can’t risk being without a decent QB for the majority of the year. Hopefully in the 2013 fantasy draft Peyton will secure his top five QB spot. We will have to wait and see. But don’t necessarily risk your team’s success this year on him without a good backup plan.

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