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Peyton is Back to Earth? | NFL Fan Poll

Peyton is Back to Earth?

Updated: September 18, 2012
Source: Bleacher Report

One week after disproving most doubters, including me, Peyton Manning went out and had one of the worst outings of his career. At least the first half was that bad and then some. Things seemed to come around a bit towards the end so where does that leave us looking in on Mr. Manning? I think it’s a little good and a little bad honestly and will look at in detail below.

The first quarter was just terrible for Peyton. Not only did he make some errant throws but there were miscommunications and things just seemed off with the team. It almost looked like they missed a week of practice or something. It was hard to give all of the credit to the Broncos as the Falcons certainly did a good job on defense but still you don’t expect three INTs from Peyton Manning in the game, much less the first quarter. What does it mean? Is he not back like we thought? Well maybe he isn’t at the level that he appeared in week 1. Closer examination of the game highlights shows a guarded approach. I think that same approach just didn’t work as well. The result however shows a possible weakness in long tosses for Manning and the team. That lack of a deep threat, if it persists, could be a big problem in the fantasy world.

Let’s not bury him and his new team just yet though. I did suggest caution in my coverage of his performance last week but it seems I was wrong on the zero interceptions he would throw regularly. Still if you remove the first quarter Manning had a decent if under par game. He was able to get the interceptions under control and once he started moving around seemed to throw the ball pretty well. I still worry about the long balls after this outing but I do think Manning will have more good games than bad for you. Until the team gets on the same page of the playbook consistently Manning will probably be up and down. Monday of course was down. For those owners playing him weekly hopefully he will bounce back as will his team against the Raiders.

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