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Packers vs Bears Fantasy News | NFL Fan Poll

Packers vs Bears Fantasy News

Updated: September 14, 2012
Source: Bleacher Report

When the Bears met the Packers on Thursday night the Packers defense proved that Jay Cutler isn’t quite ready for the top tier of fantasy quarterbacks. After battling all night with negative and positive points, it was clear well before the end of the game that Cutler wasn’t a good choice for a starter on this night. What other fantasy stats were impacted by the Thursday match-up?

If you started either the Packers or the Bears on defense this week you might be the only one happy with the way the game unfolded. The Packers pressure proved very disruptive for Cutler and the Bears. What might be a little unexpected was how well the Bears D kept Aaron Rodgers and the powerful Packers offense in check. If you pull the Bears as your defense you are looking pretty good on points tonight.

This was clearly a defensive struggle for the most part but does it highlight some concerns for the season for fantasy owners? Cutler and his old buddy Brandon Marshall have not been able to get in sync tonight. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense suddenly looks slightly less powerful than they have in years past. The fact about Cutler is that he will have up and down games in all likelihood all year long. Hopefully if you have him playing each week he will pull down more good weeks than bad if he and Marshall can hook up. The Packers looked decent last week considering they were facing the 49ers big defense. The Bears definitely have a good and respectable defense but this performance will put a bit of a fantasy microscope on the Packers offense going into week three.

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