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Only two quarterbacks for Cowboys? | NFL Fan Poll

Only two quarterbacks for Cowboys?

Updated: September 1, 2012
Source: Statesman.com

Source: Statesman.com

With the regular season just days away, final cuts are being made to all of the teams and one of the latest to go is the number three quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Stephen McGee. According to ESPN, the move was made so tight end, Colin Cochart, could be signed to the team. After the cut, that only leaves Tony Romo and Kyle Orton as the team’s quarterbacks.

Cochart comes in at a good time. Released by the Cincinnati Bengals, he provides a backup for Jason Witten, who’s recovering from a lacerated spleen. Coach Jason Garrett had this to say about McGee before letting him go Saturday: “”We like Stephen, we like what he’s done and we evaluate the quarterback position,” he said. “What we try to do is try and manage the roster as best we can. We want to keep good players. At the same time we understand that we have to manage the different injury situations that we have particularly early on in the season.

“We’re not unlike 31 other teams, everybody is doing these kinds of things and how we make hard decisions. I thought Stephen had a good preseason and a good training camp. We like having three quarterbacks on the roster.” Sounds like he spoke too soon.

According to ESPN, McGee played three NFL games, completing 56.1 percent of his passes for 420 yards – with three touchdowns and no interceptions. In 2010, he made his only start with the team in the final season game with Philadelphia.

Do you think the Cowboys can get away with only two quarterbacks? Vote in the poll below!

(via ESPN)

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