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Merriman cut by Bills | NFL Fan Poll

Merriman cut by Bills

Updated: August 20, 2012
Source: Detroit Free Press

Source: Detroit Free Press

Monday mornings aren’t usually good for anyone, but it sure didn’t bring good news to defensive end Shawne Merriman of the Buffalo Bills. Merriman was cut from the team – and Buddy Nix, general manager of the team, says it was partly because of the potential the team saw in two younger players who were competing for the spot.

Of the cut, Nix says, “We think we’ve been patient, but it comes to a point where we felt like we needed to move on and look down the road. We need to look past this week. We need to look further down the road.” He further went on to say Merriman’s health did not play in the decision to cut him from the team, and cutting him now might give him a better chance at signing on with another team.

After the cut was announced, Merriman posted on his Twitter account, “I want to say Thanks to the Organization, the Coaches, my teammates & the fans you guys have been great & I’ll be looking forward to the chapter.” According to Yahoo! Sports, Merriman posted a note on his Twitter account Sunday night about preparing with Monday’s practice, so it seems as if the team gave him no indication his spot on the roster was in trouble.

During two preseason games, Merriman had three tackles. Nix says, ”I think he struggled a little. Let me say this, he can play. … He’s done everything he could do.” What is your opinion of Merriman’s cut from the team? Vote in the poll below!

(via Yahoo! Sports)

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