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Kromer interim head coach of Saints | NFL Fan Poll

Kromer interim head coach of Saints

Updated: August 22, 2012
Source: NOLA.com

Source: NOLA.com

According to Yahoo! Sports, Aaron Kromer has been designated as interim head coach of the Saints for the first six games of the regular season, while Joe Vitt sits out his suspension. He is in his fifth season with the team and is the running game coordinator. General Manager Mickey Loomis said, ”This was a difficult decision because we have several coaches on our staff that would do a great job in this role. Ultimately, I wanted to have the least amount of change with both the offensive and defensive staffs, and maintain the most continuity with the program that has been in place for the last six years.”

”Aaron has been with us since 2008, he has coached with Sean both in college (at Miami, Ohio) and here at the Saints,” Loomis went on to say. ”He is very familiar with our team and with the methods we have been successful with. He will do a great job.”

Yahoo! Sports reports assistant head coach Joe Vitt and Sean Payton were both suspended after it was discovered there was a bounty system in place. Defenders on the team were paid cash bonuses for hurting targeted players from opposing teams. No one admits to the actions exposed in the scandal – including Joe Vitt and team players. Instead, players were offered ‘extra pay’ for good performances – which included sacks, interceptions, big hits and forced fumbles.

Payton is the first head coach in the NFL ever to be suspended. Linebacker Jon Vilma was suspended for an entire season, while defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was suspended from the NFL indefinitely.

(via Yahoo! Sports)

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