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Is this going to be Cutler’s season? | NFL Fan Poll

Is this going to be Cutler’s season?

Updated: August 7, 2012
Source: Chicago Tribune

Source: Chicago Tribune

While Bears fans haven’t been too enthusiastic about quarterback Jay Cutler’s past performances, sports reporters are forecasting a good season from him – but do the fans agree? Cutler hasn’t been the best on the field, and fans are quick to let him know. However, in his last three years with the Bears, Cutler has been an asset to the team in terms of stats – in 2010, he finished the season with 16 interceptions, 23 touchdowns and 3,274 passing yards and in 2011, the Bears looked as though they were headed to the playoffs until Cutler broke his thumb in the November 20th game against the San Diego Chargers.

At training camp, Cutler seems to be showing promise, and with his former teammate Brandon Marshall on the roster as wide receiver, this year might be a good one for Jay Cutler and the Bears. According to a draft analyst for NFL.com, Cutler has been highly accurate with his rapid-fire passes.

Cutler also likes what he has to work with on the field. In an interview with the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Cutler says, “It’s like Easter now. It’s fun. We’ve got a lot of weapons. Even the (undrafted) free-agent receivers we’ve got, they’re getting better and better and they’re asking questions. Phil Emery and the scouting department, you can definitely tell the difference in talent in the three years I was here to (now). Even the guys that didn’t get drafted can play football.”

Matt Forte is another one to watch – many in attendance at training camp are commenting on his speed and catching ability. Here’s a question for the fans: Does this team have what it takes to do well this season? Vote in the poll!

(via ESPN, Twin Cities Pioneer Press)

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