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Is the Tandem System Right for You? | NFL Fan Poll

Is the Tandem System Right for You?

Updated: September 4, 2012

Source: Bleacher Report

The official website of the NFL (nfl.com) reposted an article this year about the option of taking two second tier quarterbacks instead of one premier gunslinger. After studying it a little bit I realized that I never really considered intentionally doing this before. If you have, then this still might help you. If you are like me and have never thought of this strategy, maybe we can figure out the answer together.

If we face facts, only about four or five players per league are going to get the big guns. There are only so many of them after all. After that you are left with seconds and the lesser sized guns.  What if you go in preparing for that however? Even if you have the first pick, your plan is to take the lesser guns and play the matchup game each week. That would allow you to pick old school style and focus on a couple of great running backs. If that wasn’t your style you could go for wideouts or the new go-to position tight end.

Would it matter enough though? Actually I think it would work really well. That is if, and it’s a big if, you are able to pay close attention and make a good call on the matchups each week. You would balance out the better weeks from each of your QB’s and get better performance from your support players than those who took the big guys. If however you didn’t have the time to make the good call on the matchups each and every week, you could wind up playing a bust QB every week and it could cost you wins and points. Basically if you have the patience, time and ability to make those decisions, go for the tandem of lesser guns. If you don’t think you have that kind of time or ability, go for the biggest gun you can find.

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