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Is Reid on Notice? | NFL Fan Poll

Is Reid on Notice?

Updated: August 31, 2012
Source: CBS Sports

Source: CBS Sports

Jeffrey Lurie, owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, had a warning for Coach Andy Reid: do better to keep your job. Before Thursday night’s game, Lurie said, “”We need substantial improvement, we have a very good team on paper, and paper doesn’t get you that far if you don’t maximize it.”

Ried’s coaching contract goes through the 2013 season, but his future won’t be secure until Lurie evaluates his performance after the season. While Lurie understands that the injuries on the team have been to blame for past seasons, he still feels like last year’s record was unacceptable. According to Yahoo! Sports, Reid has a career record of 136-90-1, but the team hasn’t won a playoff game since 2008. About Reid’s future, Lurie says, “You try to make the best judgment you can after the season,” Lurie said during his annual state of the team address with reporters, which lasted about 40 minutes. There will be no formula regarding the right decision. It’ll be very clear.”

Reid doesn’t sound too worried. “I don’t care about that stuff,” he said after the Eagles won the game Thursday night. “He has high expectations. I have high expectations. Let’s go play. We surely won’t be satisfied with 8-8. We’re striving for better than that. I’m not worried about it. I understand the business. I have a great relationship with Jeffrey.”

The season hasn’t started with the best news, either, as Reid’s son was found dead in his dorm room earlier in August. What are your thoughts about Andy Reid? Do you think he will take the team to the preseason and have a better season than last? Be sure to vote in the poll!

(via Yahoo! Sports)

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