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Is MJD Right for You? | NFL Fan Poll

Is MJD Right for You?

Updated: August 30, 2012

Source: Helmet2Helmet

Maurice Jones-Drew may have been the most impressive running back over the past few years but that does not relieve fears about his situation this year. He is still holding out and there seem to be no hopes for a contract anytime soon. That’s bad for Jags fans. There is definitely no chance for a trade right now either and that is bad for fantasy owners. How long do the experts think this will go on? Should you risk anything on MJD in 2012?

It’s hard to think of a better back to fill your fantasy backfield than MJD. He has all of the tools and all of the skills and his years of experience tell you that he will stay healthy. The only problem with such a situation is that sometimes it can lead to money issues between player and team. That then becomes an issue for you, the fantasy owner. Still he is good enough that many would gamble on his skills later in the season regardless of the contract situation. Some experts say that the holdout shouldn’t continue much longer than the first of the year if it goes that far. We figure once both sides begin to miss what they love about the other, things will work out just fine. But will it be in time to keep from crippling your team?

The good news is that the backfield is loaded this year. There are so many talented backs that MJD might not even be in the top few spots if he weren’t in the continuing dispute. That makes it not necessarily a great choice to gamble on him. He could show up and put up great numbers but he also could hold out for several games and then not be in game shape when he gets there. All in all, with the group of running backs available, MJD doesn’t feel like a gamble worth taking.


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