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Is Cutler a Top 10 QB? | NFL Fan Poll

Is Cutler a Top 10 QB?

Updated: September 4, 2012

Source: ESPN

Bears fans have wanted to get excited for a great team for years now. Although they have come close here and there, there has always been something holding them back. Fans are hoping that Mike Martz and quarterback Jay Cutler really hit it off this year and bring a powerful offense to bear on the rest of the NFL. The possibility of this clicking just right has people asking a question. Is Jay Cutler a top 10 fantasy QB?

On one hand Cutler has a history of solid play and stretches of extremely good play. His former go-to man in Denver, Brandon Marshall, is coming to Chicago to snag passes. Martz says that Cutler is seeing it all and making spur of the moment decisions without thinking as good as anyone. He even compared his mental state to “Kurt Warner like awareness.” That could bode really well but there is another side of the Jay Cutler coin. Bears fans have seen inconsistent play. They have seen twenty plus interceptions and have watched their team continue to fail to reach the big game. Cutler is at the center of all of this so is he a top ten man for your team?

NFL.com’s experts say that he isn’t quite that high. For my money I think he is a bit risky for a top ten but I believe I would put him there. The Martz magic has to either put up or shut up in Chicago and I think the changes they have made will result in a much better showing this year. Will they make the big game and win it all? I don’t think so. However Jay Cutler could very easily have a highly rated year with well over four thousand yards if things hit the way they should. I’d put him right level at number ten.

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