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Is Arian Foster Really the Best? | NFL Fan Poll

Is Arian Foster Really the Best?

Updated: August 29, 2012

Source: Yahoo Sports

Arian Foster has been pegged as the number one running back in the NFL. He is expected to be on top of most, if not all of the major statistics. That little tidbit explains why he is also at the top of most site’s fantasy lists. Not just the top running back mind you but the top predicted pick overall in most people’s drafts.

As far as the talents and skills he works with it’s hard to argue. Who would want to anyway right? Everyone loves a great story of the young hot shot running back running roughshod over the league, plowing through defenses and scoring touchdowns almost at will. If all things turn out the way they are predicted to he will be so popular that he needs his fantasy self cloned for more availability. Will it happen? Honestly if you look at his short career stats there is no reason to believe that you will get anything other than what the experts claim you will.

This guy is a blast to watch even if he is running all over your favorite team. If you can get him in your fantasy draft, by all means move fantasy mountains to make it happen. He is likely going to give you 1600 plus yards and twelve to fifteen touchdowns. Any chance of a bust is so remote that it makes Foster a veritable guarantee for tons of points. If you can manage to swing a deal to draft him or get him on your team, simply make it happen. You will not regret it.

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