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Is a Risk Still a Risk? | NFL Fan Poll

Is a Risk Still a Risk?

Updated: September 4, 2012

Source: Trashtalksports

As we get closer to the start of the fantasy and actual football season, a few things might still be up for grabs in your team’s second or third stringers, depending on what type of league you have. It brings up  a question of whether you should sit tight on what you have or if you should risk moving things around before the start of the season.

On one hand we have people that were risky before that might not appear as risky now. Peyton Manning, though still a risk in my book, has proven to many that he has what it takes to top the league again. If he is out there with another team do you want to trade down in cost to take someone like that at a bargain? Maurice Jones-Drew has finally ended his long holdout to announce that he will join the Jags on opening Sunday. If your league didn’t pull him or you pulled someone you don’t particularly feel confident in, do you risk trading for the holdout back? Again, I wouldn’t make any moves such as that with the season about to start.

If you have yet to have your draft then of course you might look at things differently. Still I wouldn’t take the risk tag off of a risky player just yet. If you want to throw them a bone in round 2 or 3 that’s fine, but don’t throw away good picks on non-risky players to go for the ones holding question marks over their heads. I think if a solid player gets injured or something then you definitely can remove the sure thing tag to replace it with risky. But never would I assume the risk goes away this close to the season. Either way you chose, I hope you have a great season.

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