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How Risky is Michael Vick? | NFL Fan Poll

How Risky is Michael Vick?

Updated: August 27, 2012
Source: Soraspy

Michael Vick has been one of the most talked about quarterbacks and sport stars in general for a good portion of his career. That is no different today with people talking about how healthy he will be for the season Eagle’s 2012 season opener in a couple of weeks. Vick’s talent has never been in question. He is phenomenal in the things he can do. What is brought into question however, this year especially is his ability to play the way he plays and stay healthy.

Chances are if you pulled Vick on your fantasy team, you felt pretty good about it almost any year he has played. This year would be no different except for one minor detail. He already has a rib injury. Vick is tough and can play with pain as well as some could without I’m sure, but for a mobile QB a rib injury is not a good way to start the season. The chances of him getting from here to the end of the year without re-aggravating that injury or having that one lead to another are fairly slim. Best case scenario they sit him for a game or two until he is perfectly healthy. Either way you are bound to see Michael Vick miss some playing time. The Eagles have a fairly good showing backup QB to handle things in such a case.

What about you? If you plan to draft Vick or already have, you had better invest in a really good backup just in case. That’s the point and the application for you fantasy owners. I’m not saying stay away necessarily because he could have a wonderful year with who knows what kind of numbers. He also could miss some time however so be smart about it. If you have to have Vick, find yourself a good backup. One of the good rookie QB’s would work fine. Even the Seahawks are now planning to start a rookie that could put up numbers for cheap. Make sure you do your homework or at least take our word for it. Vick can be awesome but he is definitely a risk health wise. Get yourself some depth at QB if you grab him, maybe even go as far as drafting a third stringer. Either way, here’s hoping Vick makes it through the year with an awesome year.

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