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How Reliable are The Lists? | NFL Fan Poll

How Reliable are The Lists?

Updated: September 1, 2012

Source: Film.com

Most fantasy football players check with experts and study lists long before they plan their draft order. That is the way it should be isn’t it? Should we pick only some of those who seem like an absolute sure thing and go after a few new players that will inevitably top the list next year? By looking at a few example lists we will break down a decent plan of action for your draft day considerations.


2011 Top Ten                        2012 Top Ten

Arian Foster                         Aaron Rodgers

Adrian Peterson                  Cam Newton

Chris Johnson                      Drew Brees

Jamaal Charles                    Tom Brady

Peyton Manning                 Mattiew Stafford

Peyton Hillis                        Ray Rice

Aaron Rodgers                    LeSean McCoy

Roddy White                       Maurice Jones-Drew

Ray Rice                               Eli Manning

Brandon Lloyd                    Arian Foster

(yahoo.com)                        (nfl.com)


Above are two lists from each of the past two years. When studied closely they are proof that there are possible sure things as well as possible busts on this year’s list of top ten players.  This calls into question the lists you see on any site anywhere because all are based on last year’s performance and the upcoming year’s expectations. The past we can handle pretty easily but telling the future is still quite a challenge for any sports writer. For this reason we examine the lists and try again to predict what might be a safe choice and what might be a risky choice from the same top list.


Obviously there are differences in the lists. Only three names occur on each list. Admittedly the yahoo list was compiled before it was fairly clear how injured Manning was before the 2011 season. Also I find it hard to believe that Drew Brees wasn’t on the yahoo list. Clearly he was on most lists that year as well as most years. Either way it is very telling that only three of the big names expected to top last year’s fantasy numbers game are there on top only one year later. Don’t be surprised if a sleeper comes through and blows a veteran out of the water. Because of that you also shouldn’t feel the need to purchase every man on the top ten for your team. Give the sleepers a shot.

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