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Goal Line Vultures | NFL Fan Poll

Goal Line Vultures

Updated: August 31, 2012

Source: Biography.com

The term goal line vulture might be new to you if you are new to fantasy football. It’s best described by an example provided by two running backs for the Tampa Bay Bucs a few years ago; Warrick Dunn and Mike Alstott. Warrick Dunn was a very versatile, quick and agile back who received the lion’s share of carries and yardage. Mike Alstott played most of his time either in the fullback spot or running back down at the goal line. These carries at the end of a long drive where Alstott ran a difficult yard or two when Dunn might have forty or more yards on the drive bring about the term.

In fantasy football, how much it matters depends on your league’s rules. A touchdown only league would love a man like Tim Tebow who came in during a goal line spot and scored 18 TD’s last year while not gaining a ton of yardage or even being the top string QB all year. On the other hand such a player could be a liability for a league that focuses on yardage and general touches. If you are looking for a few good ones this year, nfl.com talked about a few that are on the radar.

We’ll look at a few from that conversation that might interest you. Tim Tebow topped that list last year and in an offense that could struggle for scores; he might find himself in enough goal line vulture situations to top the list again. Peyton Hillis also could be a big name in this category. His role with the Browns will most likely continue to mirror that of Alstott years ago. The Raiders’ Michael Bush is fairly important to the Touchdown scoring process. He could be a big TD smaller yardage man as well. John Kuhn was able to snake his name onto the list last year for the Packers but the addition of Cedric Benson will most likely lessen his impact a bit. These are a few of the vultures you should give a glance to. Don’t throw away a first teamer you need for them however. Still, keep an eye on the years these guys and more have.

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