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Garrard released by Dolphins | NFL Fan Poll

Garrard released by Dolphins

Updated: September 4, 2012
Source: Bleacher Report

David Garrard, quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, was released Tuesday, which means veteran Matt Moore is the backup to the rookie starter Ryan Tannehill, according to ESPN. Garrard signed with the Dolphins in March and did really well in training camp until he had a left knee injury that left him on the sidelines. His injury required arthroscopic surgery on August 11th, which left Tannehill in the starting quarterback position for the opening game on Sunday against Houston.

If Garrard would have been on the roster for the opening game, he would have had a guaranteed salary of $2.25 million. He confirmed the news via Twitter (@davidgarrard9) saying, “To all the dolphins fans thx for ur support! Best of luck to all my teammates. Thx for making me feel at home!! Phins up!!”

Garrard hasn’t had great luck with opening days – according to the Los Angeles Times, it’s the second year in a row he’s been released from a team five days before the opening game – last year he was released from the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The team is listing Ryan Tannehill as the number one quarterback, followed by Matt Moore and Pat Devlin.

Last year, Moore was the starting quarterback in the final 12 games of the season. While Garrard wouldn’t have had much playing time, do you think Matt Moore and Pat Devlin are good backups? What’s your opinion?

(via ESPN, Los Angeles Times)

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