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Early Season Disappointments | NFL Fan Poll

Early Season Disappointments

Updated: September 18, 2012
Source: talbuc.blogspot.com

After two weeks some things are just going wrong in the world of fantasy football. Some things are up and down and you don’t know what to expect.  Who is disappointing and when is it time to release them? Should you stick with the up and downers instead of looking for an alternative? We’re looking at those questions for some players today.

First up is Larry Fitzgerald. He is unquestionably someone who has been one of the best receivers in the game for the past several years yet this year has disappointed greatly. Sunday saw him bring in only 0.40 fantasy points. That kind of stat leaves you hoping a RB throws up thirty. But is it his fault? No. If the Cards get their QB situation straight and make sure to let the man throwing the ball know that he needs to get the ball to their best receiver if they hope to win regularly this year, Fitzgerald’s touches will come. When they do his numbers will follow.  I wouldn’t worry about him but if the team doesn’t get things straight soon, he might become a victimized innocent bystander on many fantasy teams.

Adrian Peterson looked awesome in week 1 and not so great and explosive in week 2. I do think he seems healthy but the up and down weeks could continue. Next week he faces a great run defense in the 49ers so don’t trade him or release him, but you might want to sit him this week if you have a better option.  Schaub and Andre Johnson for the Texans had a down week in week 2 but that should be expected. I have Schaub as a great half of a tandem team of QBs but probably not a great idea to start him every week. All in all if you have someone regularly struggling it is approaching decision time. Don’t throw someone who should be a great fantasy point man away just yet. Someone who you took a risk on but isn’t contributing might need to go already so there is still someone decent on the waiver wire to grab.

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