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Dumervil Billboard

Updated: July 15, 2012

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A billboard in support of Dumervil shows up in Denver. The same guys behind the Tim Tebow billboard last season, put up another message saying “Stick with the guns that made you famous” pointing at his biceps.

The heat of Miami brings in more hot news today, this time burning the Broncos. Top defensive end and two-time pro bowler Elvis Dumervil was arrested in Miami with a third-degree felony. A road rage incident in the South Beach area of Miami Beach, Florida, resulted the arrest of Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, according to a Miami Beach police report. Police officials of Miami are reported to have stated, “Our organization is aware of the matter and is continuing to gather  facts. This is a very serious allegation, and we will thoroughly review the details while the legal process runs its course.” Read more on the arrest here.

With this incident it is still unclear on how this affects the role of Dumervil in a Broncos uniform. It’s safe to assume that if a suspension is the outcome for Dumervil, the Broncos have lost one of their best. With that in mind, how does this affect the already pressured Peyton Manning’s ‘comeback’? Is the future Hall of Famer capable of producing an offense that will overshadow the questionable/uncertain defense?

Let us hear what you have to say. Make your call!

Is Peyton Manning's offense strong enough to withstand a loss in Dumervil?

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