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Defenses So Far…

Updated: September 18, 2012

After two weeks of real action I thought it would be a good time to go over some of the defensive work so far. Defenses usually are chosen by the team in fantasy football so that is how we will look at it here as well. One of the top teams might surprise you while the other surely will not. Also we’ll take a look at what teams might be sleeper defenses to think about in the case yours gets damaged like the Redskins did this week.

First up we have the Baltimore Ravens. I’m sure after years of dominate D led by Ray Lewis that they come as very little surprise. They are tied for the lead in Fantasy points in most scoring leagues with around 28. The other team having a great first few fantasy weeks might surprise a few. The Packers also are up there around 28. They lead the NFL in sacks with a whopping eleven and out D’d the D heavy Bears this past Thursday in that victory. The Pack are a tenacious and hungry looking crew who should continue to see success this season.

The Texans, Browns and Bears round out the top five. Of those the Browns might be the surprise of the group. They have performed however and have eight sacks to show for it. Where they have given up 51 points so far however, the Bears have allowed 38 while the Texans have only allowed 17 points through two games. The Browns defensive squad along with that of the Seahawks, Patriots and Eagles might fly under the radar a bit as a defensive sleeper. Both are worth a hard look though as are the Int leading Buccs.







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