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Chad Johnson silenced? | NFL Fan Poll

Chad Johnson silenced?

Updated: August 9, 2012
Source: Yahoo! Sports

Source: Yahoo! Sports

We all know Chad Ochocinco Johnson and the crazy things he’s been known to say, but it looks like he’s not talking — at least to the media. ESPN is reporting Johnson received a warning from Joe Philbin, coach of the Miami Dolphins about his profanity-laced comments and outspoken personality. After practice on Thursday, the Miami Herald reports the usually talkative Johnson walked past reporters with only one thing to say, “I don’t do media anymore.” Is this the new Johnson we are all going to see, or will he return to his old ways?

Johnson might not want to slip into old habits – it could cost him a spot in the Dolphin’s organization. In an episode of HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’, a documentary show that takes viewers inside select teams of the NFL,  Coach Philbin hinted that if Johnson didn’t sensor himself more he wouldn’t last long with the team. He said, “Time will tell. I expressed to Chad that you’re in a position to influence people. Use it as a positive…there’s a right way to kind of represent this organization and yourself, and a way that’s not going to be us.”

Just because Johnson didn’t speak to reporters doesn’t mean he’s completely gone off the radar. To his more than 3.6 million Twitter followers, Johnson tweeted, “Stupid Focused.” Do you think Philbin was justified in telling Johnson how to act? He knew exactly what he was getting into when the organization signed Johnson to the team. Do you think Johnson will succeed on the Dolphins or do you expect him to be traded after the season?

Let’s hear your opinion!

(Via ESPN, Miami Herald)

Is the Dolphins organization a good fit for Johnson?

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