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  • Source: TSM Interactive

    Pre-season wrap up!

    With the regular season only a couple days away, it’s time to quickly review the preseason games that have taken place the last few weeks of summer. Did anyone stand out...

  • Source: Bleacher Report

    Most impressive players in training?

    Now that training camp is winding down, the Bleacher Report has come out with a small list of the most impressive players from training camps this season. Let’s see if you...

  • Source: Bleacher Report

    Will Jones-Drew be traded from Jaguars?

    According to ESPN, running back Maurice Jones-Drew is open to being traded from the Jacksonville Jaguars after it appears he won’t get the contract he’s looking for. Comments made by the...

  • Source: The Bleacher Report

    Team struggles after week 1?

    Now that the first preseason games are out of the way, each team can see where they need to focus more attention before the regular season starts. There were plenty of...

  • Source: The Bleacher Report

    Best and worst of preseason week one?

    While many fans feel that preseason games don’t matter – they still have a huge impact on what happens during the regular season.  The preseason gives each team an opportunity to...

  • Source: NY Daily News

    Who are the most underrated players?

    While many fans will have their eye on big name players like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning this season, there are plenty of lesser-known players that work just as hard, but...

  • Via BleacherReport

    Time for Women Officials?

    Due to labor disputes regarding officials, which have still not been resolved, NFL preseason games need to be officiated by replacement referees – and Thursday night’s game between the San Diego...

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    Super Bowl Champs, Not so Great?

    Sure, the New York Giants narrowly beat the New England Patriots in last year’s Super Bowl, but that doesn’t mean they are really as good as they think the are! While...

  • Souce: jerseyal.com

    Player-related crimes increasing?

      Statistics show that player-related crimes are increasing, and Roger Goodell plans to find a solution to deal with infractions. According to ESPN, 2012 saw more than 30 arrests of active...