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Can You Trust the Over-flashy Wideout? | NFL Fan Poll

Can You Trust the Over-flashy Wideout?

Updated: September 1, 2012

Quarterbacks and running backs get a lot of attention when it comes to the fantasy football world. It is interesting then that the position with seemingly the most high maintenance players is neither of those but the wide receiver spot. Some people love to watch them and some people love to hate them. No matter what your personal views on the big ego receivers, there is a more important question. What could they do for your fantasy team?

It would be hard to argue that Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson would be great additions to anyone’s fantasy team in their prime. If someone runs their mouth and gets into a lot of trouble, can’t you overlook it if they bring in tons of points for you? It would always be risky to grab these guys but the upside is really up there on most of them. Dez Bryant is supposedly getting watched on a regular basis. That and moving up in the WR food chain in Dallas could help him finally get passed his personal issues.

Desean Jackson isn’t trusted by many but we think he will earn the new money this year. There is pressure in Philly to do better than just good enough and that could also surge his career forward again. The Titans Kenny Britt could look to take a giant leap towards a consistent and not controversial.    There are other names worth mentioning but we’ll list them for you. The main point is that if you can stomach the worry that these guys will quit or get suspended for some brain-dead reason, they are all great players with loads of talent. Here is how they shake out.

1)      Dez Bryant

2)      Desean Jackson

3)      Kenny Britt

4)      Dwayne Bowe

5)      John Baldwin

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